Frequently Asked Questions

Solid Waste-Recycling Facility Questions

The Solid Waste Facility, Residents’ Convenience and Recycling Centers are open from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday through Saturday. See website for holiday schedule.

The Administration Building is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Ring the bell in the lobby for assistance.

Scale house
Your vehicle is weighed on the inbound scale, and you are given a tag with a number on it. Follow the blue arrows to the Resident’s Convenience Area, Tag Holder lane. After unloading, go to the outbound scale, turn in your tag and pay the difference in weight depending on the weight class. ($10 minimum scale charge) Cash, Check, or Credit Card accepted.

Residents’ Convenience Center
Take the right bypass lane by the scales, follow the blue arrows to the Residents’ Convenience Area, Bagged Garbage lane. Bagged garbage is removed from vehicle by site attendant and weighed. The cost is 15 cents per pound, paid at the window. (Only Check or Cash accepted)

Plan to purchase only what you will use. Check if you can donate extra paint to neighbors, school or community theaters. If you must dispose of it, add kitty litter or sand to the cans and allow them to dry out. Then dispose as garbage. Reminder: Only oil-based paints are only accepted at the SCMUA during Hazardous Waste events.

The NJDEP requires that any and all commercial vehicles have an A901 self-generator decal affixed to the vehicle.  The SCMUA is NOT the issuing agency for this decal.

For more information on the NJDEP decals you may go to

The use of a U-Haul/Home Depot/Lowes/etc. vehicle to transport solid waste is not allowed. These types of vehicles are commercially registered with Motor Vehicle Commission, and that type of motor vehicle registration requires any vehicle transporting solid waste to be registered as a solid waste transporter by the NJDEP.

The use of a U-Haul/Home Depot/Lowes trailer for solid waste transportation purposes in the State of New Jersey is allowed as the trailer is registered as a “trailer” with the Motor Vehicle Commission.

You may bring televisions, computers, laptops or printers to the Solid Waste Facility any day during operating hours at NO charge. All other electronics (CD players, radios, cameras, keyboards, speakers, etc.) can be brought to the Residents’ Convenience center any day during operating hours at a charge of 15 cents per pound. Check or Cash only.

The SCMUA hosts 2 Electronic Waste Event days throughout the year when all electronics are Free of charge. Those dates are noted on the SCMUA website.

[Note : microwaves, air conditioners, lamps, etc. are not part of the Electronics recycling program, but can be taken to the Residents’ Convenience Center during any of our normal operating hours for a fee).

These are bulk items, and they are charged as such ($125/ton or 0.0625 cents per pound over the truck scales). There is a $10 freon removal charge in addition to the weight charge. The door does not have to be removed from the frig/freezer.

REMINDER: There is a $10 minimum scale charge for using the truck scale system.

The SCMUA does accept Vegetative Waste. The charge is 2 cents per pound, with a $5 minimum scale charge. Per SCMUA Rate Schedule, passenger type vehicles (i.e., automobiles, SUV’s, residential pickup trucks) shall not be charged for two or less barrels/bags of leaves, brush or lawn clippings.

The SCMUA accepts up to 4 tires at the Residents’ Convenience Center for $4.50 each (car), $11.00 each (truck without rims) or $21.00 each (truck tires with rims). CHECK OR CASH

Bulk Waste Charges apply for more than 4 car tires (weigh in over the truck scales at a charge of $375/ton or 19 cents per pound).

All oversized tires (>12R 24.5) are $100 per tire.

The SCMUA ONLY takes in county waste. There is an application for asbestos disposal located in the “Asbestos” tab on the SCMUA website homepage. See this application for details. Prior approval is required, and an appointment is necessary for asbestos disposal. The charge is $250 per ton. ($10 minimum truck scale charge).

The SCMUA does not have a Hazardous Waste Permit, which is why we can only accept Household hazardous waste twice a year on the designated days. (Usually, the first Saturdays in June and November).

If you missed or cannot make the designated HHW days, the Morris County MUA, Mt. Olive Township does provide disposal services for limited amounts of Hazardous Waste from Sussex County Residents by appointment.

For more information on the Morris County MUA Program call 973-631-5109 or

Yes, the SCMUA does take bulk items at .0625 cents per pound over the truck scales, with a $10 minimum scale charge. Check, cash, and credit cards accepted at the truck scales.

The SCMUA discontinued its Sharps Disposal program at the end of 2022. Alternate disposal options are provided on our website HERE: Link

It is advised to drop off any unused medications at a local police station.

If it is in liquid form, the police station will not take it, so instead, fill it with coffee grinds, cat litter, or dirt, seal it up, black out the label and put it in the regular garbage.

The SCMUA accepts 1 pound propane tanks, 20-pound grill sized propane, and Balloon Time helium tanks. The charge is 15 cents per pound at the Residents’ Convenience Area.

The SCMUA DOES NOT accept large 100 lb. propane tanks.

Yes! You can bring clean and dry produce bags, store bags, ice bags, Ziploc bags, case overwrap (ex: water bottle cases, paper towel and toilet paper cases, etc.), bread bags, dry cleaning bags, bubble wrap and salt pellet bags to our Recycling Center.

These items are priced as regular garbage and are separated by the SCMUA attendant to be recycled, if possible.

No, the SCMUA has a compactor at the Recycling Center for cardboard.

Soft Cover books may be placed in the Mixed paper bins at the Recycling Center, free of charge.

Hard cover books are regular garbage unless the pages are separated from the cover binding. The pages can go to the Recycling Center in the Mixed paper bins – free of charge. Covers are placed into the garbage bins.

The SCMUA offers monthly Shredding Days in conjunction with SK Shredding Services on the THIRD Friday of each month from 9am – 12pm. The charge is $7 per volume equivalent of a paper grocery bag. Shredding is done on premises at the event.

The SCMUA does not accept plastic nursery pots, hanging baskets, or trays but you can bring them to either Home Depot or Lowes.

The numbers on the bottom of plastic containers refers to the type of plastic resin, and not all are able to be recycled through existing markets. The SCMUA accepts empty, clean and dry plastic containers with #1, #2 or #5 symbols.

You may bring rigid polystyrene foam (ex. Rigid foam from electronics/appliance boxes) to the Recycling Center at no charge. We DO NOT accept packing peanuts, styrofoam cups/plates/take out containers, etc.

The SCMUA accepts construction debris from Sussex County residents and businesses. The charge is $125 per ton or .0625 cents per pound. Commercial vehicles need proper NJDEP decals to dump solid waste. (See below)

Alkaline batteries can be disposed of in regular trash. NO rechargeable batteries (especially lithium-ion) should ever be thrown in the trash or curbside recycling bin! Click here for more information