Asbestos Disposal

Disposal of asbestos and asbestos containing materials (ACM) requires special handling and is governed by State and Federal rules and regulations including NJAC 8:60-7 and 12:120-7, EPA 40 CFR 61.145-155, and the Sussex County District Solid Waste Management Plan. The SCMUA accepts asbestos and ACM by appointment only under the following conditions:

1. Asbestos or ACM is generated within Sussex County.

2. All requested information in the disposal application (below) is provided.

3. The applicant makes an appointment for disposal with the SCMUA. The SCMUA accepts asbestos and ACM each Friday at 10:00 am by Appointment ONLY. Contact Mr. Jonathan Morris, SCMUA Solid Waste Superintendent, at 579-6998 x 112. Notify Mr. Morris if he is unable to keep the appointment or will be late to the appointment as soon as possible.

4. Applicant includes a copy of a completed “State of New Jersey 10-Day Notification of Asbestos Abatement” form.

5. Asbestos or ACM is properly contained as required by law. No loose asbestos or ACM will be accepted at the SCMUA landfill at any time. All material must be double bagged or contained in a double-lined container using a minimum bag or liner thickness of 6MM. All bags must be sealed and labeled.

6. Commercial haulers or asbestos remediation companies must provide a Notification of Approval from the applicable Department of Health inspector prior to the scheduled disposal date.

7. Commercial haulers must have proper and current NJDEP registration number and NJDEP decal and provide proof of pre-transportation inspection where required.

8. Where required, a copy of a manifest must accompany the load at the time of disposal and be presented to the SCMUA weighmaster.

9. The disposal fee is in accordance with the current tipping rate at the SCMUA and is based on the weight of the load. For current rate information call 579-6998, x-101.

In the event of an emergency, the SCMUA will make provisions for disposal under the following additional conditions:

1. Proof of emergency situation is provided in a Form of Notice from Federal, State, or local governing agency.

2. All application information is completed and faxed to 579-7819 or hand delivered to the SCMUA at least 24 hours prior to disposal.